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EmailProfile Class

Represents an email profile used to send various email-based notifications.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Dynamicweb.Analytics.Notifications
Assembly:  Dynamicweb.Analytics (in Dynamicweb.Analytics.dll) Version: 2.1.1
public class EmailProfile : DbObject, 

The EmailProfile type exposes the following members.

Public methodEmailProfile
Initializes a new instance of an object.
Public methodEmailProfile(IDataReader)
Initializes a new instance of an object.
Public methodEmailProfile(EmailProfile)
Initializes a new instance of an object.
Public propertyConnection
Connection to the database that can be overriden if operation on a series of objects needs to be done in the context of a transaction
(Inherited from DbObject.)
Public propertyDisplayName
Gets the display name of the profile.
Public propertyEncoding
Gets or sets the message body encoding.
Public propertyID
Store and retrieves the current object ID - usually the primary key of the table storing the data.
(Inherited from DbObject.)
Public propertyIsNew
Indicates whether the current object is new.
(Inherited from DbObject.)
Public propertySender
Gets or sets messsage sender.
Public propertySubject
Gets or sets message subject.
Public propertyTemplate
Gets or sets the absolute virtual path to the template used to construct message body.
Public propertyTransaction
Transaction if operation on a series of objects needs to be done in the context of a transaction
(Inherited from DbObject.)
Public methodStatic memberClearCache
Clears the cache.
Public methodCopyTo
Copies the state of the current object to the given one.
Public methodDelete
Deletes the current instance of this object based on its ID.
(Inherited from DbObject.)
Public methodDelete(Int32)
Deletes the object with specified ID.
(Inherited from DbObject.)
Public methodStatic memberDeleteProfiles
Deletes all existing email profiles.
Public methodStatic memberDeleteProfiles(IEnumerableT)
Public methodFill
Fills object properties with data provided by a given data reader.
(Overrides DbObjectFill(IDataReader).)
Protected methodFillRow
Fills data row with the property values of the current object.
(Overrides DbObjectFillRow(DataRow).)
Public methodStatic memberFormatAddres
Formats the given email address and returns a string representing it.
Public methodGetDispatchService
Returns a reference to a service that will be used to dispatch notifications associated with this profile.
Public methodStatic memberGetProfileByID
Returns email profile by its ID.
Public methodStatic memberGetProfiles
Returns a list of all available email profiles.
Public methodStatic memberKeepProfiles
Public methodLoad
Loads data from the current ID row.
(Inherited from DbObject.)
Public methodStatic memberParseAddress
Parses email address information from the given string.
Public methodSave
Saves the profile.
(Overrides DbObjectSave.)
Protected field_id
The ID (primary key) of the instance of the DBobject
(Inherited from DbObject.)
Protected field_keyField
Name of the primary key field of the table
(Inherited from DbObject.)
Protected field_tableName
Name of table in the database where data for this record are kept.
(Inherited from DbObject.)
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